Unleash the Best Version of YOU

Empowering Vision-Driven, Heart-Centered High Performers to unleash the best version of themselves through their commitment to Healthy Habits

Nutrition/Hydration, Meditation, Movement, Sleep and Gratitude


We will design & adopt a plan for you to create new  lifestyle habits that can transform your mental and physical health.


We will be accountability partners in creating a lifestyle of healthier behaviours to last a lifetime.


We will look at other aspects of personal health (i.e. social, spiritual , and intellectual) and how we can weave this into your day to day life to promote health and well-being. 


Hi there!

I am Marie and I want to welcome you.

I am a mom of three incredible human beings  (only two are pictured here...the eldest got away from me at the last photo opportunity). I am a wife to a gentle, loving and kind man.  I believe that God is doing amazing things in my life and I would love to share that journey with you. 

Life is amazing when you have a vision that carries you through your day to day activities. I love working with high performers and supporting them in casting their vision.  Sometimes it takes a little bit of work to gain clarity and I am here to support you. Having gone through many breakdowns myself, I have realized that going through them is just as profound as getting to the breakthroughs.  Just having gone through the experience and gaining knowledge, as a result, has allowed me to be where I am today...in the capacity to support you to do the same.   

I embarked on this journey of healthier lifestyle choices many years ago, but when my Dad had a massive stroke on 12/17/2017, I took a deeper dive.  There are so many life lessons to be learned. Like my father, I am a life-long learner which is why I am on this journey. My eyes are opened wide. I continue to be amazed at how very little I know and as I continue to acquire knowledge to promote healthier lifestyle, I impart this very same information with my clients and give them tools to take action. 

If you are coachable, decisive, and resourceful and most of all ready to get intentional and ready to take committed action towards your vision...I am here for you.  Let's bring your future into the present. LIFE IS NOW!!! 



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